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Week 335 - Invest in “The 2 and 8 Club” Without Gambling

Situation: You’d like to invest in stocks without leaving money on the table. The alternative is to invest in the S&P 500 Index, which is a derivative subject to the kind of Program Trading that caused the “Black Monday” crash on October 19, 1987. Even after 3 decades of refining New York Stock Exchange technology to apply lessons learned from that crash, its recurrence remains a distinct possibility

You can invest in stocks without getting swept up in full fury of the next crash by using a few precautions: 1) Avoid stocks that have a statistical likelihood of losing more money than the S&P 500 Index per the BMW Method, i.e., avoid stocks highlighted in red at Column M in our Tables. 2) Use dollar-cost averaging to invest through a Dividend Re-Investment Plan (DRIP) in stocks that aren’t highlighted in red, and continue automatically investing in those each month throughout the next crash. 3) Avoid non-mortgage debt and have at least 25% of your assets in Savings Bonds, 2-10 Year US Treasury Notes, cash and cash equivalents

Mission: Looking at the 30 stocks in “The 2 and 8 Club” (see Week 329), set up a spreadsheet of those that do not have red highlights in Column M.

Execution: There are 12 such stocks (see Table).

Administration: Note that Costco Wholesale (COST) is not listed in the FTSE High Dividend Yield Index upon which “The 2 and 8 Club” is based. While dividend growth rate is 13.0%/yr, its dividend yield is only 1.3%, which is much lower than the ~2%/yr required for inclusion in the FTSE High Dividend Yield Index. This overlooks the fact that Costco Wholesale issues special dividends of $5 or more every other year! So, I’ve chosen to make COST an honorary member of “The 2 and 8 Club.”  

Bottom Line: You do have a chance of beating the S&P 500 Index without gambling, by investing in high quality growth stocks that are unlikely to lose as much as that index in the next market crash. But we find only 12 such stocks, which means you’d need to invest in all 12 to avoid selection bias.

Risk Rating is 5, where 10-Yr Treasury Notes = 1, S&P 500 Index = 5, and gold = 10. 

Full Disclosure: I dollar-cost average into IBM, KO, XOM and NEE, and also own shares of MO and TRV.

"The 2 and 8 Club" (CR) 2017 Invest Tune

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