Sunday, November 25

Week 386 - Retirement Savings Plan For The Self-Employed

Situation: Let’s follow the Kiss Rule (Keep It Simple, Stupid). There are many jobs that don’t offer a workplace retirement plan. For example, if you’re a long-haul truck driver and own your Class 8 tractor, i.e., you’re an “Owner/Operator”, you make over $100,000 per year but have high expenses. As an S corporation, you don’t pay taxes on the 15% of gross income that you try to set aside for retirement. 

How do you invest it? If you follow the KISS Rule, you’re best off putting all of it in Vanguard’s Wellesley Income Fund. That fund has an expense ratio of 0.22% and is half stocks and half bonds. The ~70 stocks are selected from the FTSE High Dividend Yield Index (i.e., the ~400 companies in the Russell 1000 Index that reliably pay an above-market dividend). You’ll recognize that Index as the same source we use to pick stocks for “The 2 and 8 Club”.

Mission: Run our Standard Spreadsheet using the 10 stocks that reliably pay good and growing dividends and are less likely to fall as much as the Dow Jones Industrial Average in a Bear Market. Compare that portfolio to the Vanguard Wellesley Income Fund (VWINX), the Vanguard High Dividend Yield Index ETF (VYM), and the SPDR S&P 500 Index ETF (SPY). 

Execution: see Table.

Bottom Line: If you’re self-employed (e.g. do seasonal work), you need a flexible retirement plan with low transaction costs. Safety is the main goal. Take no risks! If you want to pick your own stocks, all right. You can keep costs for that low by dollar-averaging but then your bonds have to be very low risk, i.e., US Savings Bonds.

Risk Rating: 4

Full Disclosure: I dollar-average into NEE, KO, T, JNJ and DIA, and also own shares of HRL.

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